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May 18, 2018

Documentary photography has a different way in witch makes money, first is by selling prints of your work that, don’t start off high as no one will know who you are as I think that has a massive impact, I do think that a lot of famous photographers sell their prints at a high price because everyone knows their name. for example, Andreas Gursky.


This is the most uninteresting photo I have ever seen in my entire life I sold for $4,338,500

Why some one would pay this is very strange I keep looking at it thinking I have missed something. Here is what my services will offer.






8 x 10            £16

10x 12           £18

11x 14           £20

12 x 16          £22

16x 20          ket £35




All day


Half day





With my site I want people to feel like they are happy with what they paid for. Value for money is something I feel strongly about. Andreas Gurski charge way to much for this. To start I need to establish myself and my work my prints will go up online for 25 pounds per print, I can also start by blogging my work posting on social media web sites. Advertising for free is something I can do very well for start your web sites seo settings need to be right and you need to be registered on google, keep up with your blogging as this can affect your ranking on google. Facebook is another good form of free advertising by posting on the buy and sell pages’ group pages. There are not many street photographers in Newport one I found was Gawain barnyard.




This is a list of my local competitors







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