Design a logo

January 25, 2018

Design a logo

We have been tasked with the design of a logo, I have designed a logo before but I have litter of no knowledge of doing so on a professional basis. I want a logo that is simple and professional however not to complicated.





I like this logo simple but not over the top. However the writing is all wrong on this one the first part is all in lower caes and the in bold, it could be better if you ask me.


This one is much better than the other one, the symbol of the camera is a nice touch I like his name with the K in a different colour that’s different compared to the others I have looked at. One thing I could pick up is the photography at the bottom I think I could be spaced out more, so it looks like it is in a square.


Designing a logo can be a challenge especially when you are limited with a certain number of fonts. A good web site to get free fonts is its full of fonts that are not added to photoshop. So, if you are looking for a better finish in my mind I would look on this site.


Iv chosen to go with my name for my logo  Christopher Waters Photography as I think its more profesional also looking at other logos 90% of the photographers I have reshurched have just had there name and some of them have a picture.


The best softwere to do this is photoshop, with this softwere you have more controll over the hole desghn. There is nothing you cannot create using photoshop.


1 Setting up your Document in Photoshop

Once you have photoshop open, go to File -> New. Then specify the name of the logo, and a width of 600 and a height of 500 Then click "OK"

2. Experiment with Font Selections

As a starting point, I always experiment with a font that I think will work well with the logo. You have to develop an eye for what font will or will not work, with the specifics of the project in mind. I am trying to focus on a profesional look that matches my trade. Again go to is for more fonts.

  • Select the Text Tool on the left menu:

  • Adjust the settings on the Text Properties at the top to match these settings:

In the character window to the right you can set AV to space out the writing or make it closer as shown below: (This simply shortens the space between each separate character



Type your disierd text in the document space (First, be sure that the background is white, you can use the fill tool for this.

With the type tool selected, and layer 1 selected, select the font list menu

You can do this next section in either three ways.

- Hit the "Down" arrow to change the font view of

- Hit the Down Arrow of the Font List to see the list of available fonts with a tiny preview of the font.

- Download a font viewing program.

I personally just use the first method, although I sometimes use a font viewing program. Our goal here is to find fonts that might work with the logo.

Once you come across a font that looks like it could work, you should Duplicate the layer in the Layers Window to the right, and then hide the previous layer (The layer you right clicked and selected "Duplicate" from. This way, you've saved that font selection (the hidden layer), and you have a new layer to find more fonts from):


3. Good and Bad Font Selections

Since our goal with this particular logo is to be serious, we need serious looking fonts. It simply takes time to develop an eye for what is serious and what isn't.


4. Finalizing a Font Selection

Once you have some possible font selections, each in their own layer, you further analyze them and see which works. With logos that have more than one word, most of the time it is good to separate the appearance of the words from each other. Since this particular project has two words, "Blue" and "Laguna", we're going to want to separate them by possibly choosing two different fonts. You can also separate words from each other by keeping the same font, but changing the color. So I'm going to experiment with the 6 good font selections above.

You can also add a simbol as well by eaither disinging you symbol your self or by serching on google for the apropiate image.


Here is what I came up with.





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