January 25, 2018


My main competitors, who is a competitor. Any person which is a rival against another. In business, a company in the same industry or a similar industry which offers a similar product or service. The presence of one or more competitors can reduce the prices of goods and services as the companies attempt to gain a larger market share. Competition also requires companies to become more efficient in order to reduce costs. Fast-food restaurants McDonald's and Burger King are competitors, as are Coca-Cola and Pepsi, and Wal-Mart and Target.

This is a list of my local competitors


All of their work and pricing are really good it has made me think about something, I have different sites for different types of photography that I do however most of the sites above have all their work on one site so why should I dedicate the different types of photography to three different sites. I’ve also noticed that most of them have a shop, so people can buy their work which is a good idea. There was a reason why I only picked the list above their work is very good and inspirational, there is one photographer that does some really funny photos as well as posed ones.

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