Business cards

January 14, 2018

Business cards

A business card is information that you can use to provide your contact information to potential customers or business contacts or even anyone that would be of interest to you. Most business cards contain your business name, and title, your telephone number, an email address, and/or a street address. If your company has a website, try and include this address so that customers can receive more detailed information through it. Try not to put to much info on the card as it is not an advertisement flyer just information with your details, there is also a limited amount of space on the card, as it is just a way customer can contact you. Another meaning of a business card is that customers or colleagues have a way to remember who you are after meeting you for the first time. It always a good idea to put you company log on your card as it is a way that customers remember who and what you do.  leave the back of the card blank so that you can use it to write a personal message to its recipient, another memory aid tool to help customers recall them merely by their card. A business card is a piece of your company’s marketing plan. It’s almost a given that your customers receive several business cards from your competitors. A smartly designed business card helps your company stand out among the crowd. Some entrepreneurs choose to use die cuts to create unusual shapes for their card, while others use perforations, folds and pop-ups to differentiate themselves. You don’t need to resort to gimmicks; a concise, direct and visually appealing card that projects your company’s identity is often as effective in differentiating a company as a novelty card. I used photo shop to create a business card.


This is an example of my card.




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