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January 11, 2018


Why am I enrolled on this course? although I’ve been doing photography for 4 years and each year my business grows each year, I always thought I was missing something especially as I was self-Taught. I thought it would be better for my own personal gain to have a master in photography. Personally, I think it looks more professional and trustworthy when clients are looking at you web site.

What have I achieved previously with photography and what do I hope to achieve in the future. I have achieved a lot considering I’ve been self-taught and built up my business from nothing I literally had nothing I started with the cheapest stuff possible. Furthermore, I want to build up a thriving business that expands all over Briton, from photo booths to studio shoots, that are affordable for everyone not just people with money. After all my ambition is big, probably bigger than most people but you need a goal in life and I don’t think mine is unrealistic.

What areas of photography am I interested in? At the start I was interested in wedding and studio photography consequently after the first year I was getting into street photography there is something interesting in people and the streets and architecture. I would love to make a career out of weddings, studio and street photography/documentary.


I want to specialise in a few subject’s events, documentary and street I would love to make a decent living out of it. I find people photography in general is more interesting.

To obtain relevant images they are everywhere. You can go online and search specific area, or you just look in the news or magazines or even a library there are many ways to research current and up to date images.

I’ve decided to carry on my work in major cities street photography as I do like the idea, also I like doing time laps within the cities I think its pretty cool I’m also going to add now content from this year.





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